Homeowner's Insurance

Your homeowners policy acts as a foundation and lies at the very core of your insurance protection.

It provides protection for your home and your personal contents, but also provides personal liability coverage to combat unforeseen circumstances. We will work with you to create a policy that is specific to your needs.

Homeowners Insurance
Vacation Homes
Vacant Units

Did you know you could save money on your policy if you have a central monitored alarm system?


Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you rent you don’t need an insurance policy. Most renters don’t understand they could be left with nothing in the event the building has a fire. There is no coverage for their personal contents, no liability coverage and no help to pay for a place to stay while the repairs are being made.

These policies have small premiums but big benefits. Plus most carriers provide a discount if you have your auto and renters policies together.

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