Graduating high school and leaving home for the first time can be an exciting, and, in some ways, overwhelming, experience. In the excitement and anticipation, parents and students tend to overlook the fact that college students may encounter many insurance issues which have not been considered. So, before there’s an auto accident, a fire in,


Ridesharing is becoming more common around the state and the nation, particularly in large cities. Capitalizing on the new “sharing economy” and to a certain extent the coolness factor, this simple concept is thriving. Passengers, however, are generally not aware of the insurance implications, and that their driver’s insurance may not properly cover them. If


The introduction of ridesharing services into the state continues to cause a stir. Late last week, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) – somewhat reluctantly – granted Uber X an experimental, two-year license to operate in most of the state (Philadelphia excluded). The PUC and ridesharing services, like Uber X, share a brief but acrimonious history.